Social Responibility

& Environmental Commitment

Social Responsibility

Hotel Woodstock has a very important role to play in protecting and enhancing the Environment for future generations and the long term sustainability of our region and to this end we have agreed to carry out the following actions in 2020. 

The Team at Hotel Woodstock are committed to the following actions:           

           To carry out a full energy audit in association with Clare Leader Development Programme in 2020

    ·       To complete a Green energy training programme with 50 Shades Greener in 2020

    • ·       To introduce a monthly monitoring of gas, electricity water and waste bills on a rolling 2 year format with KPI's set in each area
    • ·       To comply fully with all relevant legislation and Hotel Woodstock is a member of Repak
    • ·       To produce an annual Sustainability Plan setting out our objectives,targets and planned actions 
    • ·       To reduce, reuse and recycle the resources consumed by our business wherever practical 
    • ·       To help increase awareness with regards to protecting the environment and to support our staff, customers and suppliers in doing so
    • ·       We use two paper shredders in the building which help recycle paper easier. This in turn reduces the damages and cost of paper              production
    • ·       The Hotel has introduced 3 electric car charging points at the Hotel
    • ·       We have environment friendly cards in our bedrooms which explain and give guests the option to re-use towels
    • ·       Be a responsible hotel operator, reducing our carbon footprint while improving the guest experience. 
    • ·      Reduce our Energy Conservation by 8% in 2020 and reduce carbon emissions pro rata taking into account the Covid 19 closure
    • ·      Reduce water consumption by 6%in 2020 pro rata taking into account the Covid 19 closure
    • ·      To increase our conversion of waste to recycling by 8% in 2020 pro rata taking into account the Covid 19 closure
    • ·      Sustainable Procurement and product usage - To continue to use locally produced produce from our suppliers and give preference to suppliers with an active Environmental Policy 
    • ·      Community Social Responsibility - To communicate our performance and achievements through the hotel website
    • ·      Hotel Woodstock uses biodegradable take away cups which can be composted while the lid can be recycled
    • ·      The hotel uses sensor lighting throughout the Hotel in the back of house areas which saves energy as they turn off right after people leave that space.The hotel has invested LED lighting in all areas throughout the Hotel.
    • ·      Used kitchen oil is collected by frylite at the same time new oil is being delivered. Used oil containers are cleaned and reused repeatedly
    • ·      The Hotel uses a purchasing system called Procure Wizard means that we are no longer printing on average 100 invoices per month as they are all just uploaded and sent by e mail saving almost 1,200 sheets of paper per annum. 
    • ·      Payments are made by bank transfer saving on cheques and we send out all remittance advice's by e-mail saving on paper and the carbon footprint of postage. We E-mail out invoices to debtors and send statements out by e-mail. 
    • ·      All payslips are distributed via e-mail and no longer need to be printed.

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