Knappogue Castle & Walled Garden

Knappogue Castle Walled Garden
Tucked away amid the rolling hills of Quin in Co. Clare lies Knappogue Castle - only 15 minutes from Hotel Woodstock - a 15th century restored medieval tower house that proudly stands as a reminder of our past and reflects the medieval glory in which our nobility of yesteryear lived.

History of Knappogue Castle

The story of Knappogue Castle begins with the Macnamara clan in 1467 (who also built Bunratty Castle). It has a long and varied history ~ from a battle field to a dwelling place. As you wander through the vaulted halls of Knappogue you will learn about the families who dwelled here including the Scotts and the Butlers each making their own valuable contribution. Find out more about history of Knappogue Castle

Walled Garden

In the magical setting of Knappogue Castle, the walled garden is a romantic oasis to sit and muse or just escape the ‘madding crowd’. Dating from 1817, the beautiful 1.76 acre garden is now restored to its former splendour. The tall and imposing walls of the walled garden, are lovingly refurnished with climbing roses, grapevines and many clematis varieties.
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