Hazel Mountain Chocolate

300-year-old family farm Hazel Mountain Chocolate is an interactive boutique.

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Hazel Mountain Chocolate was founded in 2014 it is a boutique bean to bar chocolate factory and is amongst the smallest and most remote chocolate factories in the world, situated in the Burren hills.

Hazel Mountain chocolate has been making waves on the chocolate scene, with a TV appearance with Nigella Lawson, and a bronze award from the Academy of chocolate.

Their luxuriously creamy milk chocolate is created using Irish milk from grass fed cows, amalgamated with a very smooth cuban bean.


The process includes roasting the beans, cracking and winnowing, before grinding the cocoa nibs in our stone mills in the traditional method for two days, all before ageing the chocolate for 3 weeks.


Due to the open floor plan of our shop and factory, the entire process, including the chocolate kitchen, is viewable by all who pass through our gates.


From the smell of the roasted beans through the factory door, to the tasting of Ireland’s finest craft chocolate, the quaint little factory is a unique experience you don’t want to miss. 



There is also a wonderful little chocolate shop and cafe at Hazel Mountain Chocolate Factory and everyone visiting the Burren or the Cliffs of Moher should take the time to go into the cafe for their hot chocolate selection and cake choices.


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